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Opportunity the get your Bike Marked


In the UK, a bike is stolen on average every minute. Less than 5% of those stolen are returned to the owner as it is difficult for the police to trace them. Bike theft has doubled since the mid 1990’s probably due to the increasing popularity of expensive models and innovative ways of selling stolen goods on line.

Take action against these thieves and protect your bike, reduce the risk of it being stolen and increase the chances of getting it returned.

The local police Safer Neighbourhood Team are arranging two bike marking events in Nuneaton Town centre during the half term holiday for the owners of bikes to attend and have their bikes marked. Owners will also be supplied with information to keep their bikes safe with security tips and advice.

A market stall will be in the town at the market place on Wednesday 18th February and Saturday 21st February between 11am and 2pm. There are a number of bike marking products depending on the value of the bike.

Martyn Stephens from WCC Community Safety Team. ‘We are working with the local policing team to tackle the issue of bike theft not only from in the street but also from sheds and garages. The information will help you keep your bike safe wherever you store it.’

It is an ideal opportunity to get your bike marked. If you are attending please remember not to ride your bike in the pedestrian area of the town.

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