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How to protect your family treasures

Any burglary is distressing for the victim, but with insurance and support, most items can be replaced. TV’s, computers and cameras are easy to replace, but personal item, especially Jewellery often can’t.  It’s these item that extra care needs to be taken and a flyer from the Police offers simple guidance to help reduce the risk.

One part of the community that is at risk are those in the Asian community. The theft of ‘Asian gold’ is a perennial problem and the unique nature of these pieces makes them hard to trace and even harder to replace. Burglaries to steal these precious family items are a rising issue across the country and Warwickshire is no exception to this. The Police flyer is just as relevant to protect these treasured items and we would encourage everyone to consider this advice when storing or wearing these items. While they are often stored in banks or safety deposit boxes, but are taken out of storage for family events such as weddings. Extra care should be taken at these times an consider the security around these expensive heirlooms.

Asian gold


More advice about reducing your risk of burglary can be found on our crime prevention page

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