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#Binge-drinking continues to fall in young adults



Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (full report here) are encouraging showing that

  •  More than one in five adults (21%) said that they do not drink alcohol at all. This has increased slightly since 2005 (19%). Young adults (aged 16 to 24) were primarily responsible for this change, with the proportion of young adults who reported that they do not drink alcohol at all increasing by over 40% between 2005 and 2013.
  • The proportion of adults who binged at least once in the week before interview decreased from 18% in 2005 to 15% in 2013. Young adults were responsible for the decrease in binge drinking, with the proportion of who had binged falling by more than a third since 2005, from 29% to 18%.
  • The proportion of young adults who drank frequently has fallen by more than two-thirds since 2005. Only 1 in 50 young adults drank alcohol frequently in 2013.

However, whilst the average level of consumption has fallen, this may be in part due to the change in the ethnic make-up of the country with many people abstaining from drinking altogether.

Data on alcohol consumption is also unreliable; many people under-report how much they drink.

Alcohol-related harms still remain and some local areas suffer much more than others.

In Warwickshire we have a comprehensive action plan aimed at reduced harm and improving health.

If you’re worried about your or somebody elses’ drinking there is a range of free and confidential treatment and recovery services available across Warwickshire:
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