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Warwickshire’s #DomesticAbuse Support Service is #Recruiting – Advocate Educators (IRIS Scheme x2)

Warwickshire’s Domestic Abuse Support Service are recruiting for 2 Advocate Educators to deliver the new IRIS Scheme in Warwickshire as not all posts were filled during the previous recruitment round.
IRIS is a general practice-based domestic violence training, support and referral programme for primary care staff. It is a targeted intervention for female patients aged 16 and above experiencing current or former Domestic abuse from a partner, ex-partner or adult family member. IRIS provides care pathways for all patients living with abuse as well as information and signposting for perpetrators.

We are looking for three full-time advocate educators to support 75 practices. The advocate educator is a specialist domestic violence and abuse worker who is linked to the practices and based at a Stonham Service in Nuneaton. The advocate educator provides training to the practice teams and acts as an on-going consultant as well as the person to whom they directly refer patients for expert advocacy. The advocate educators will work in partnership with a local clinical lead to deliver the service model.

This is a brand new role within Warwickshire, and as an Advocate Educator you will deliver quality training to general practice teams, both in relation to domestic abuse and the computer based HARKS system used to support GP practices in their role.

For further information and to apply for these roles please use this link:
The advertisement is also being promoted on the Women’s Aid website:
The closing date for applications is 22nd March 2015.
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