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#Warning – Protect your #Asian gold

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asian goldWarwickshire Police and Warwickshire Community Safety Team are warning people owning valuable gold jewellery to take simple steps to protect it.  The advice follows a spate of recent burglaries in Warwick District where thieves appear to be targeting Asian gold jewellery.

Here is some basic advice to help keep your jewellery as safe as possible:-

  • Keep the jewellery in a safe place and locked up if possible. Consider installing a safe at home which is securely fixed to the floor or wall.
  • Ensure that the jewellery is insured.
  • Consider storing high valuable items elsewhere such as in a bank deposit box; contact your bank for details.
  • Make a list of all jewellery stored in your house with a description of each item.
  • Photograph all pieces of jewellery against a plan background with the ruler next to them to give an idea of size.
  • Consider registering your jewellery with a registration company.
  • Make sure your home is kept secure at all times: keep  windows and doors locked, switch lights on when going out to make your home look occupied, use burglary alarms and install security lights on the outside of your property.
  • If you are buying jewellery as gift, don’t leave it or its packaging on display.

The Police has produced a flyer which can be downloaded Here. If you see someone or a vehicle acting suspiciously, please contact the Police on 101. Call 999 if it is an emergency.

If you need further information you can contact your local Community Safety Project Officer at Warwickshire County Council or your Safer Neighbourhood Team with Warwickshire Police.

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