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How do your lifetime #drinking habits measure up?

University College London has published research giving insight in to the lifetime drinking trajectories of men and women.


The study, published via Bio Med Central, found that “for men, mean consumption rose sharply during adolescence, peaked at around 25 years at 20 units per week, and then declined and plateaued during mid-life, before declining from around 60 years. A similar trajectory was seen for women, but with lower overall consumption (peak of around 7 to 8 units per week). Frequent drinking (daily or most days of the week) became more common during mid to older age, most notably among men, reaching above 50% of men”

Read the full article here:

Official NHS guidelines on alcohol consumption:

  • men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol a day
  • women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day
  • to avoid alcohol for 48 hours after a heavy drinking session

Three units is the equivalent of a large glass of wine (alcohol content 12%) or a pint of higher strength beer, lager or cider.

Regularly drinking above these limits can lead to problems. Alcohol misuse can trigger a range of health issues, such as weight gain, impotence (in men), jaundice, and various types of cancers.

Anyone concerned about their use of alcohol or any other drugs can contact our local services for help and advice:

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