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Royal Society for Public Health call for high street ban on unregulated #drugs

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has called on all political parties to commit to a ban on the sale of new and unregulated drugs (NUDS), sometimes also referred to as ‘legal highs’, or new/novel psychoactive substances.

Human guinea pig

Their research found that 77% of people surveyed believed “that the packaging alone made them think the products may be substitutes for illegal drugs.

Other findings from the RSPH research included:

*Almost four in five (78%) thought the packaging may mislead people into assuming they can be ingested or inhaled, despite the disclaimer they are not for human consumption.

*Over four 4 in five (84%) agreed education about the dangers of legal highs should be mandatory.

*Three quarters (77%) thought the sale of legal highs on the high street should be banned.

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Anyone concerned about their or someone else’s use of any drugs can contact our local services for help and advice.

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