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Are #e-cigs the #alcopops of #tobacco?

A survey of teenagers in North West England published in the journal, BMC Public Health has found that one in five of respondents had accessed electronic cigarettes.What-Is-An-Electronic-Cigarette1

However, the study which did not reveal who went on to become long term users of electronic cigarettes or whether students used the devices to help them give up tobacco smoking, has received some criticism.

Marcus Munafo, professor of biological psychiatry at Bristol University said: “To describe electronic cigarette use as ‘a new drug use option’ and part of ‘at-risk teenagers’ substance using repertoires’ is unnecessarily alarmist, given the evidence that regular use among never smokers is negligible, the lack of evidence that electronic cigarette use acts as a gateway to tobacco use, and the likely low level of harm associated with electronic cigarette use.”

Labels on electronic cigarettes already state that they are not for sale to under-18s and a new law prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes to under-18s is due to take effect from October this year.

In Warwickshire, we have been keeping a close eye on the e-cigarette market and are happy to help people use e-cigarettes as part of their attempt to quit smoking.

In general the growth of e-cigarette use seems to have stalled. There are various reasons why this might be the case.  Whilst some people are choosing to continue to ‘vape’ instead of smoke there is an even better alternative – Quit4good!

Smokers are four times as likely to be successful in quitting if they use Warwickshire’s Stop Smoking Service, this is completely free, find out more at or call 0800 085 2917 or text LIFE to 80800

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