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#Binge drinking ‘costing UK taxpayers £4.9bn’

A recent study shows that binge drinking has an effect on A&E admissions, road accidents and numbers of police officers needed.

The study by the Universities of Bath and Essex uses data from various government departments and concludes that binge drinking

  • increased the average daily number of injury-related admissions to A&E by 8% – equivalent to 2,504 additional daily admissions nationally
  • caused the average number of road accidents to go up by 17% – equivalent to 82 additional accidents a day nationally
  • increased the average number of alcohol-related arrests by 45%, equivalent to 786 additional arrests per day nationally
  • lead to the number of police officers on duty having to be increased by around 30%, equivalent to an additional 3.2 police officers on duty at the weekend for every 10,000 people in the country

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Stakeholder in Warwickshire will be meeting in May to discuss the problem of binge drinking and to look at what could b done to reduce it.

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