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Drop in #Binge #Drinking Leads to 10% Fewer Injuries Due to #Violence

Figures show decline in violent incidents at weekends involving men aged 18 to 30, easing pressure on A&Es, Cardiff University study finds.


A sharp decline in binge drinking has led to a 10% fall in the number of people injured in serious violence, according to a new study of hospital data.

The annual survey, by Cardiff University’s violence research group, found a particularly marked drop of 18% in violent attacks against children and teenagers.

A number of reasons are cited for the decline in serious violence, but the fall in drinking, especially binge drinking, among 16- to 24-year-olds is seen as a key factor in reducing violent incidents – particularly on urban streets at night.

The study says the proportion of teenagers and young adults drinking on five or more days a week has more than halved since 2005. Binge drinking – which is defined as more than eight units for men and six units for women – has gone down by nearly a third to 18% among this age group over the same period.

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