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Putting the brakes on cycle theft

A recent national conference on cycle theft revealed some great new ideas for protecting your bike and preventing this type of crime.

Stealing bikes is often an organised crime. It is not an entry level offence but a low risk high reward crime that can net up to £45,000 a year for the organised thief. 38% of bike theft is classed as a ‘burglary other’ with cheap shed locks often the only protection for a £5,000 bike. Home security is key to tackling this as well as being aware of some of the signs we may be giving away to offenders.

Offenders will target the expensive bikes and we have obvious tells such as an expensive car with a bike rack. They will also follow people back home after the weekend cycling. Open source cycling apps are also easy to break – becoming known as ‘cyber cycling crime’! Sadly 25% of cycle crime victims will give up cycling, so reducing this will stop keen cyclists from leaving this healthy hobby.

We also found out that the hooped cycle park – called a ‘Sheffield hoop’ – is one the best, but requires 2 locks to secure any bike against it.

With these points in mind, here are some top tips for securing your cycle:
• Know your own bike. Keep a record of your frame number and take pictures.
• Property mark it and record it on a site like immobilize – a popular and free resource.
• Use 2 good quality locks – one through the front wheel and forks and the other through the frame and rear wheel.
• Remove your cycle rack from your vehicle when not in use.
• If you need to record that you’re cycling on the internet, consider whether it’s secure.
• If your bike has been stolen, look for it online. Some sites have been set up to help with this such as

Keeping your bike safe is worth the effort and together we can keep you cycling!

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