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Half a million #smokers have switched to #electroniccigarettes from #tobacco

New ASH data suggests there are now 2.6 million ‘vapers’ in Britain, up from 2.1 million in 2014. Nearly all of this increase is attributable to a rise in the number of ex-smokers using electronic cigarettes.

The campaign group said the figures showed the value of electronic cigarettes in helping smokers give up tobacco but also warned of a worrying increase in people falsely believing they are as harmful as or even more dangerous, with nearly a quarter (22%) believing this compared to 15% last year.

People wanting to stop smoking using these products can still get help from the Stop Smoking Services.

If you are a smoker why not make a quit attempt? The more time you try the more likely you are to succeed especially if you use the most effective techniques.

Smokers are four times as likely to be successful in quitting if they use Warwickshire’s Stop Smoking Service, this is completely free, find out more at or call 0800 085 2917 or text LIFE to 80800


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