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National #Rural #Crime Survey – have your say




The biggest ever national survey into crime in rural areas is underway.  Organised by the National Rural Crime Network, it will assess how crime and anti-social behaviour – as well as the threat of crime – affects individuals, both financially and emotionally.

Any crime that happens in an urban area can, and does, happen in rural places too.  How policing is delivered in rural areas also affects everyone who, lives, works and visits there.  While traditional farm-related incidents such as fuel theft and sheep rustling make up just one part of the problem; we need to understand all the other issues that affect people in remoter areas, as well as in market towns, villages and the countryside more generally.

Warwickshire is most definitely a rural county and the PCC has devoted significant resources to tackling rural crime.

Getting a true picture of how crime affects people is hugely important so anyone living or working in rural areas is urged to take part in the survey.  You don’t need to have been a victim of crime to have a view on how the police work – so please do take part.

The survey is open until Wednesday June 24.

Find out more and complete the survey here

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