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#ARoyalHangover now on iTunes

ARH‘A Royal Hangover’ is a feature length documentary about the ambivalent alcohol culture of Britain.

Think Bowling For Columbine, only with alcohol instead of guns. Drinking for Britain: We don’t shoot ourselves to death here, we kill ourselves with drink – much more dignified!

We had a special trade and press showing of this film at the Royal Spa Centre, Leamington last month and we are now pleased to report that more poeple are able to see the film as it is available from iTunes to rent or buy.

Further online release dates (Amazon on Demand, Google Play etc) will be announced shortly.




A Royal Hangover – Synopsis:

What comes to mind when you think of British culture? The Royal family perhaps? How about scones, fish n’ chips, Wimbledon, or our relentless bad weather? Of course the one thing that looms above all else is our national beverage of choice. No, not tea. I’m talking about alcohol. Brits love to drink… and drink some more. Britain has become famous for its ambivalent drinking culture, and we are showing no signs of slowing down.

Documenting anecdotes from all facets of the British booze bottle, from politicians to police; medical specialists to charities; the church through to history and science; addicts and celebrities; with high profile personalities such as Russell Brand and controversial figures such as sacked Government Drugs Advisor Professor David Nutt, A Royal Hangover underscores the why behind our increasing thirst for the booze. Why are things so different in Britain? What sets us apart from our brothers and sisters in Europe, or our cousins across the pond? Are we aware of the extent of our problem? Who or what is responsible for this degenerative culture? Are we too drunk to even care?

A Royal Hangover is an increasingly relevant portrait of a nation and its love of the booze. Critically acclaimed independent filmmaker and accomplished non-drinker, Arthur Cauty, serves up a documentary mocktail, in equal parts shocking, hilarious, sympathetic and thought provoking; a film we can all relate to.

Bottoms up Brits and cheers to alcohol education. Hopefully one day Britain will wake up without a hangover.

Comments on the film include

“It really is the only documentary on drinking worth watching” – Huffington Post


“A Royal Hangover is a documentary that everyone should be made to watch. It should be widely screened and its makers applauded.” – Soberistas


“A no-holds-barred wake-up call to a nation no longer consuming the booze, but a nation consumed BY the booze” – Tribe Arts Magazine


“This is a spectacularly exceptional film, an unflinching documentary. It is sad, poignant and brave.” – A Hangover-Free Life

Comments from the Spa Centre showing included

‘Amazing’, ‘Thought provoking’ ‘Needs to be shown to more people’, ‘Fantastic’, ‘Honest’, ‘Worrying’, ‘Touching’, ‘Shocking’, ‘Inspirational’

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