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Newly published Local #Alcohol Profiles show decline in #alcohol-related hospital admissions for young people


New figures from Public Health England (PHE), published 2 June 2015, show a repeated drop in the rate of hospital admissions due to alcohol among under 18s, evidence of a continuing decline in young people’s harmful drinking.

The Local Alcohol Profiles for England is a suite of indicators which highlight the adverse health and social consequences borne by individuals, their families, and the wider community.

Alcohol harms are widespread and it continues to be the leading risk factor for deaths among men and women aged 15 to 49 years in the UK. The latest figures show that deaths related to alcohol remain at similar high levels to those reported over the past decade with over 20,000 deaths in 2013. The inequalities in alcohol-related deaths are particularly stark in relation to chronic liver disease with the most deprived areas experiencing double the rate of death compared with the least deprived.

Key Messages – Warwickshire

In Warwickshire, alcohol-specific hospital admissions for under 18s over the last 3 years are down to 145. This shows a fall of 40% against the earliest comparable figure of 240 between 2006 to 2007 and 2008 to 2009. Of the 19 indicators within LAPE, there are two for admissions for alcohol-related malignant neoplasm conditions (by person and for females) where performances are significantly worse than for England. Performance for the other 17 indicators is either broadly similar or better than England. Where there are performance differences for males and females, outcomes are generally poorer for females.
Key Messages – Warwickshire Districts and Boroughs
Of the 4 mortality related indicators, all districts perform similarly or better than England other than the 2 relating to alcohol-specific mortality and mortality from chronic liver disease in Nuneaton and Bedworth where performance is significantly worse.
The 6 hospital admissions indicators show a similar picture with performance similar or better than England for each indicator across all districts other than Nuneaton and Bedworth where performances are generally worse than England.
Of the 8 indicators relating to hospital admissions by cause group again each district performs similarly or better than England other than for the 2 indicators relating to malignant neoplasm conditions where performance is significantly worse than England.
Performance for the claimants of benefits due to alcoholism indicator is significantly better across all districts than England.

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