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#Drug Resource for #Parents and #Caregivers

Teenagers drinking and smoking


This Australian guide aims to offer parents and caregivers easily accessible information about drug prevention in order to help them raise empowered, healthy and drug free children.

I. HOME: Helping you to help your children develop good behaviours and social skills to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce the likelihood of them abusing substances. Focusing in particular on:

  • Building your child’s resilience
  • Establishing good communication
  • Monitoring your child’s behaviour
  • Healthy relationships
  • Knowing the facts on alcohol and other drugs

II. Helping you ensure your child is connected to SCHOOL

III. Helping you ensure your child is connected to your COMMUNITY

We hope this resource will be beneficial to parents and others working with young people.

To access the guide please copy and paste this link:



If you’re worried about your or somebody elses’ drug use there is a range of free and confidential treatment and recovery services for adults and young people available across Warwickshire:

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