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#e-cigarette chargers safety alert

A nationwide alert has been issued warning of the dangers of fires caused by exploding e-cigarette chargers.

More than 100 fires have been blamed on the devices over the past two years, according to fire service figures. Read more here

It is simply not worth risking their lives to save a few pounds by buying dodgy, dangerous or incompatible chargers

Jeremy Hilton, Local Government Association
  • Always use the correct charger and follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Never charge a battery that has been damaged, dropped or struck
  • Never plug a charger into a non-approved mains power transformer
  • Check your battery has overcharge or overheat protection
  • Don’t overcharge. Remove the battery from charge when complete
  • Never leave a charging battery unattended
  • Don’t use if wet
  • Do not overtighten the atomiser when connecting it to the charger

(Source: LGA)

NOTE: Later today (14th July) Paul Hooper from Warwickshire County Council will open a debate hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group for E-cigarettes at the House of Commons. The session will be chaired by local MP Mark Pawsey and topics discussed will include public place use and the ‘normalisation’ of smoking.

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