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#RCGP calls for minimum pricing to cut harm from #alcohol

In response to a recent report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies Dr Maureen Baker, Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, said:

“Everyday in our surgeries, GPs are dealing with the fallout of alcohol abuse in some of our patients’ lives, and this report really hammers home the devastating ‘domino effect’ on families and the wider community.

“We are particularly concerned that children and young people frequently bear the brunt of alcohol abuse in the family. It is also an enormous financial drain on the NHS and the economy.

“GPs see minimum pricing as a major step forward in tackling this problem.

“It could be the catalyst we need to create a change in individual and societal attitudes and behaviour towards alcohol.

“Not only will this reduce hospital admissions, improve people’s physical and mental health and ultimately save lives, it will help to create safer and healthier communities for all.

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