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Survey reveals young people’s and their parents’ #drinking behaviour and attitudes

This week has seen the publication of the results of a survey by Ipsos MORI commissioned by ‘Drinkaware’

The survey examined young people’s:

  • Attitudes towards alcohol and drinking;
  • Motivations for drinking;
  • Drinking patterns and drunkenness;
  • Harmful drinking behaviour;
  • Awareness of the potential risks and reasons for refraining from drinking, and
  • Use of different sources of information about alcohol and drinking.

Parents of 10-17 year-olds, including a majority whose own children participated in the young people’s survey, were surveyed separately about their own drinking habits and attitudes towards alcohol. This provided us with a unique opportunity to explore the links between parental attitudes and behaviours and those of their children.


Results showed that overall, underage drinking is declining. However there remains a group of young people (19% of those who drink) who drink at least once a week. 12% of  10-17 year-olds who drink  have suffered a serious harm as a result (hospitalisation, being in a fight, trouble with the police or being a victim of crime).

There are a range of factors associated with underage drinking, and with harm from underage drinking. These include: parental acceptance of underage drinking; drinking to cope; low mental wellbeing; drinking to feel confident meeting new people; drinking unsupervised; and parental drinking patterns.

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