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Quick fix can have side effects for supplement and #drug taking #gym users

A study has found that more than 30% of gym-goers in the UK say they use some form of drug or dietary supplement to lose weight and/or improve body image.

The most commonly used products for weight loss were protein supplements (58%) and herbal products (34%), such as guarana, which contains high levels of caffeine, and ginseng. But alarmingly, the researchers also found an estimated 17% had used amphetamines, 17% had used thyroid hormones and 15% had tried diuretics.

More than a quarter (28%) had experienced side-effects from their substance use, including skin problems, mood changes, headaches, diarrhoea, digestion problems, fast heart rate, irritability and sweating.

The results of the study has been presented to MPs considering the ‘psychoactive substances’ legislation.

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If you’re worried about your or someone else’s drug or alcohol use there are a range of free and confidential treatment and recovery services available across Warwickshire:

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