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Impact of #alcohol on #society #AAW15

This years Alcohol Awareness Week (16 to 22 November) draws attention to the impact of alcohol on society.

So, how are our under 18’s getting hold of so much alcohol?

Unfortunately research and local knowledge would suggest that the majority of alcohol comes from within the home; so,

  • would you notice some cans going missing?
  • do you know how they spend their pocket money?
  • do you know where they are ‘hanging out’?
  • would you notice if they were a little tipsy on their return home?
  • do they return home later than allowed?
  • do they avoid conversation with you on their return?

Do YOU allow your under 18’s to drink at home?

Do YOU supply your under 18’s with alcohol to take to a friends?

Are YOU dropping your under 18 to a group of friends or somewhere unusual?

Do YOU allow your under 18 to go to the local pub? (some would serve)

Their are consequences to all of the above, but do YOU know what they are?

Local parks are well used by residents however, each year approximately 44,000 kg of rubbish including cans and broken bottles are collected from the play areas.  Some young people tend to congregate in the play areas in the evening to consume alcohol, this leaves them very vulnerable to experiment with substances and engage in risky behaviour.

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