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#Alcohol and #fines and #consequences – #AAW15

If YOU as a parent or friend break any of the laws outlined in previous blogs or notice any of the signs mentioned, it would be worth speaking to your child about some of the consequences to being caught.

  • If you are a child under 18 years there are fines up to a £1,000
  • If you buy for someone under 18 years these fines increase to a maximum of £5,000

There are also consequences for those that sell alcohol.

  • The maximum fine for selling or supplying alcohol to someone under 18 years is £5,000
  • Those that hold a personal license can have this suspended or forfeited on a first offence
  • Should you keep selling alcohol to under 18 years the fine increase to £20,000, this could be selling twice in 3 months
  • You could be prevented from selling alcohol for a period of 48 hours up to 2 weeks

Those of you that have shops and supply alcohol should be aware of the above, think of the consequences to your business and the negative publicity that goes with it.  Consider training for yourself and your staff in the current law, display the Challenge 21 or Challenge 25 posters and ask for proof of age before you sell.

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