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Cyber Safety Advice – #Cyber Smart Children #BeCyberSmart

Technology is a prominent part of today’s society. Children are using technology at a younger age, using it for school work, playing games etc. Here is advice to help keep your children safe when online.

  • It is wrong to text, write or post anything that deliberately upsets another person.
  • Think about how a message would make you feel if it was about you.
  • If you do see or receive a message that worries or upsets you then tell a grown up straight away.
  • If you know another person is receiving messages which concern or upset them then tell a grown up straight away.
  • Always get a grown ups permission before using the internet or playing online games.
  • Be careful not to put too much information about yourself on the internet, when you are playing online games for example. Do not give your name, age, address, email, phone number or school name when on the internet.
  • Remember that people using the internet can lie about who they are and they can pretend to be someone they’re not.
  • If you feel unsure or concerned about anything on the internet tell a grown up.

You will find information about staying safe online and links to trusted sources here  

cyber smart
Safeguard your payment. Never transfer money directly into the seller’s account. Pay by card on a secure payment page, by cheque or cash in person.
Make sure payment pages are secure and you can see ‘https’ and a locked padlock or unbroken key symbol.
A credit card, rather than a debit card, gives you more chance of getting your money back if there are problems
Remember Wi-Fi in public places is not always secure – even if you have to enter a code
Think. After you have finished your online shopping or banking session remember to log out.
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