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#Christmas #socialising could get you the sack – Read this festive warning before you go out

Christmas is the time of year when socialising isn’t just for Saturday night. We’re far more likely to go out with colleagues after work, or get together with friends on a work night, as we try to squeeze as many festivities in as possible. However, experts warn that unless we consider our partying carefully, it could end up causing real harm to our health and our careers.

Dangers include

  • Being indiscrete
  • Working when drunk or with a hangover
  • Drink driving

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Christmas DA

Another factor to be considered is that some people find the ‘forced jollity’ a real threat to their attempt to control their own drinking. Read here about how to hide the fact you are not drinking and here is specific advice to people in recovery.

Anyone concerned about their use of drugs or alcohol can contact our local services for help and advice:


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