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People urged to have a #DryJanuary as new survey reveals ‘wine o’clock’ habits

Alcohol Concern launch their Dry January campaign by revealing the results of a survey into people’s drinking habits -especially when they have their first drink.

The YouGov survey of more than 2,000 GB adults reveals women’s wine o’clock starts after the clock strikes 5pm (93%). However, it’s men who are more likely to drink every day and those that drink also tend to start earlier in the day. The survey results show that when drinking, a number of men are having their first alcoholic drink at lunchtime -12% of men surveyed have their first drink before 4pm with 4% of these starting around 1pm.

Of those surveyed who drink alcohol in an average week:

  • 10% men have their first drink between 1pm-4pm
  • 6% women have their first drink between 1pm-4pm
  • 71% of men have their first drink between 5pm-8pm
  • 82% of women have their first drink between 5pm-8pm

Throughout Great Britain, of those that drink alcohol in an average week, one in ten have their first drink around 4pm or earlier.

The survey also revealed the booziest regions, with more people starting wine o’clock at 1pm in London and the South East when drinking. In the East and West Midlands more people start drinking earlier in the day, having their first drink at 4pm or earlier, but it’s the North East who have the booziest evenings with 84% of people who have their first drink between 5pm-8pm.

It is hoped that these results will prompt people to consider giving Dry January a try. It is not about stopping drinking forever but a way of understanding how drink impacts on our lives.

Most people who try it find they make a positive change to their drinking habits using the month as an opportunity to reassess their relationship with alcohol, as well as gaining some great health benefits such as; lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, losing weight and feeling more energised.

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