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The Rural Crime Team have been looking at issues affecting rural businesses at this time of year and produced a Festive Fact sheet, today we are looking at sites that have Poultry and Fisheries.


 Turkeys, cockerels and geese are all vulnerable to potential thieves, especially at this time of year.

Do not make it obvious where the birds are kept on your premises.

Consider an alarm system or beams that will warn you if someone is near to the birds.

Print off a copy of the Poultry Crime Prevention Advice sheet from the website


 Taking fish from a private lake or pool is theft and should be reported to the police.

If you have anyone fishing without permission please report it to the environment agency and police on 101.

Ensure you have signs around the pool stating the membership details, fishing times and that fish cannot be taken.

Advice from the Angling Trust and multi-lingual signs are available on the Warwickshire Rural Watch website under the ‘Advice’ section.

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