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Men and #alcohol – Do you know how many calories are in a pint of beer?

Men and alcohol

On average, men drink more than women. In fact, statistics show that men are twice as likely as women to abuse or become dependent on alcohol. That means that they suffer more harmful health effects too.

Beer belly?

It’s well known that drinking too much can increase our risk of cancer and other diseases, but alcohol can also be surprisingly high in calories, and gives us very few nutrients.

menand alcohol

For example, you might think twice about eating 17 mini sausage rolls, more than three hamburgers or 20 chicken nuggets but perhaps not about drinking five pints on a night out. Actually, they are each about 850 calories and therefore, not surprisingly, can lead to weight gain.

Drinking alcohol can also increase appetite, leading us to eat more than we need and contributing to further weight gain.

Tips to cut down

It’s easy to feel pressurised into drinking in social situations, but here are a few tips to lower your alcohol intake without missing out on the fun!

  • Order a glass of water or low-calorie soft drink with your alcoholic drink, so you’re not tempted to down your drink when you’re feeling thirsty
  • Keep your drinks as diluted as possible. For example, have single measures rather than doubles, with low calorie mixers so you’re having less alcohol and cutting down calories overall
  • Avoid buying rounds with friends, so you don’t feel like you need to drink more than you planned
  • Kick off the New Year with a challenge and take part in Alcohol Concern’s Dry January campaign to feel the benefits of being booze free for a month. Sign up now at
  • For more information and tips to cut down, download the WCRF A Closer Look at Alcohol factsheet.

Source – World Cancer Research Fund

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