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Reasons to give #DryJanuary a go

It’s easy to overlook the risks of alcohol as many of the health issues are longer-term. Stopping for a month – or even just having a two or three week break – can bring some short-term benefits though. People taking a break say they sleep better, and feel more energised. Other benefits include clearer skin, weight loss, and of course not waking up feeling sluggish with a hangover.

Depending on how much you usually spend on that bottle of wine for dinner, or that night out clubbing, you could also save a bit of money too – perfect for paying off your credit card bills from December’s excesses!

People who give up for a fixed time often find it easier to drink less, or less often, throughout the rest of the year. It’s useful to learn that you can have just as fun a time without having to drink or get drunk.

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