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#Fire Safety Tip 3: Make sure your family and guests staying for the festive period know what to do in an emergency. Make a fire escape plan.

Escape Plans

Wherever you are, it’s important that you and your family know how to escape if there’s a fire. It doesn’t take long to make an escape plan and it could save lives, especially if you check and practice your plan regularly.

Think about:

  • Who’s usually at home?
  • How will they know there’s a fire?
  • If there are children, who will help them?
  • If there are elderly people, who will tell them there’s a fire and who’ll help them?
  • If there are people who can’t see, hear or move around easily, who will help them?
  • Where can you set up a safe meeting place away from the property?

Plan A – The first choice route of escape is always through the main door. Make sure you close it once everyone is out.

Plan B – If it’s not safe to leave by the main door, how else could you escape?

  • Is there another door you could use or a fire escape?
  • Could you climb out of a ground floor window?
  • Could you climb out of a first floor window onto a garage roof or extension and get down safely?

If Plan A or B are not safe, you might need to find somewhere to stay safe and await rescue. Make sure everything is ready so that you can:

  • Go to a room with a phone and a window that opens
  • Pack clothes and blankets around the door to keep smoke out
  • Stay by the window and shout for help
  • Practice your emergency escape plan together

Practicing your plan in advance will help everyone to stay calm if there is a fire. It will also help you get to safety more quickly.

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