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#Fire Safety Tip 7: Most fires start in the kitchen, never leave a cooker unattended.

Did you know that more than 50% of accidental fires at home are started by cooking?

Many kitchen fires start when you are not paying attention or if you leave things unattended. Follow the safety tips on how to keep safe whilst you are cooking and also what to do if a fire starts in your kitchen.

Whilst cooking:

  • Don’t get distracted when you are cooking – turn off or turn down the heat if you have to leave the cooking unattended, for example to take a phone call or answer the door.
  • Take care if you’re wearing loose clothing as it can catch fire easily.
  • Don’t cook if you have been drinking alcohol your concentration levels are lower – the risk of accidents is greater in the kitchen if you have been drinking.
  • Keep tea towels, clothes and electrical leads away from the cooker and hob.
  • Don’t leave children alone in the kitchen, keep matches, lighters and saucepan handles out of reach of children and fit a safety catch on the oven door.
  • Make sure saucepan handles are not sticking out from the hob or over a naked flame.
  • Remember to check that the oven or hob are switched off after you have finished cooking.
  • Take extra care when deep-fat frying or cooking with oil – hot oil can catch fire easily – use a thermostat controlled deep-fat fryer which will make sure the fat doesn’t get too hot.
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