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New #alcohol report – #A&E visits for alcohol poisoning ‘double in six years’

Hospital visits for alcohol poisoning have doubled in six years, with the highest rate among young women.

Emergency admissions due to the effects of alcohol, such as liver disease, have also risen by more than 50% in nine years to 250,000 a year in England.

Rates were highest in deprived areas and among men aged 45-64 although worryingly young women aged 15 to 19 were admitted to hospital for alcohol poisoning 1.4 times as often as young men in the same age group.

Read more from the BBC here

The Nuffield Trust report can be read in full here. This analysis explores trends in alcohol-specific activity in hospitals due to alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related inpatient admissions by looking at six years of hospital activity data in England. The analysis also explores the use of hospital services before and after a diagnosis of alcohol-related liver disease and highlights opportunities for preventative action to reduce future alcohol-related harm in England.



Information on the availability of our domestic abuse, substance misuse, and mental well-being services over Christmas for those that may need some advice and support can be found here Service Operating Hours Christmas 2015 (pdf, 1,073.0 Mb)

In an emergency, always call 999.

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