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Post Christmas Blues

Well, that’s Christmas done for another year. Mince pies will go from the shops, we will all buy cards on offer for next year and put them away, we will look at the sales, plan our holidays, forget where we put the cards, make New Year resolutions and look to 2016.

But it’s not over for the criminals.  All that new stuff is waiting, new opportunities are presented and they are looking to 2016 to start with a real bang. With a few simple steps, it’s easy to avoid the Christmas blues.

  • Don’t advertise your new stuff! Be careful about where you leave the boxes. Take them to your local recycling centre rather than leaving them kerb side. Details for the opening times can be found here
  • Add new items to your Household insurance and log it with a secure marking system. Warwickshire police recommend IMMOBLISE If you have SMARTWATER then mark you new products as well.
  • If you have new digital technology such as new Tablets, smartphones and Laptops, install security and learn how to lock them. Not all thieves will use the front door, make sure to enable anti-virus. Think about Cyber security and on-line crime
  • If you have new bikes at home, then get them marked up, contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team to help out. Make sure you have good locks not only for the bike, but for where you store them as well.
  • Be aware of Scams selling unwanted gifts. Be sure it’s genuine and if buying online, use secure payments sites. Using credit cards will give you better protection and Warwickshire Trading standards can offer advice and support. As always, its buyer beware!

As always in Warwickshire, the risks are low, but we offer this advice to help ensure 2016 starts well for you.

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