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Online #Cybercrime Check Detects If Your Email Has Been #Hacked

Over the past few years, security attacks like those on Adobe, Snapchat and Ashley Madison, have caused millions of email addresses to be leaked, stolen and sold on to other cyber criminals.

The ‘have I been pwned’ website can help you check to see if there has been a breach on your email accounts and usernames.

Pwned is a play on the word ‘owned’, which is informally used to refer to making a fool out of someone, or taking advantage of them.


The website includes details from 102 (at the time of reading) ‘pwned’ websites, or websites that have suffered some form of security breach.

pwnd sites

These include VTech, Adobe, Paddy Power, Yahoo, Sony, Tesco, Minecraft Pocket Edition and more.

Clicking on the name of the site reveals when its users’ information was leaked, the cause, and how many accounts were affected.

To find out if you have become a victim to a breach, simply type in your email or any known usernames that you may have on the site, and click ‘pwned?’

kizz is safe

If the details are discovered on one of the leaked lists, it will display what list and what details are at risk e.g. password and username – which if you use the same username and password for multiple sites, can be a worry.

Anyone affected is advised to change their passwords, and be extra vigilant towards suspicious emails.Although the breach list is large, it does not contain every list that is out there as in some cases, the breach lists have been unattainable or not publicly disclosed.
With that in mind it is always best practise to remain vigilant, and use as many different passwords as you can when online.


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