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#Nuisance motorbikes

If your area suffers with nuisance motorbikes WCC Community Safety Team are asking you to report to the police on 101 or by completing an online form at the address below.

Nuisance motorbikes are a cause of concern for a number of reasons; the noise that is created disturbs people in their homes and gardens, the riders have no regard for other peoples safety or indeed their own safety with a large number of offenders not wearing the appropriate safety equipment.

There are a number of actions that can and are used against these riders, but we need YOUR help to maximise resources and direct actions to specific locations and/or people.

If possible provide call handlers on 101 with a good description of the rider and the bike, giving a registration number if it can be seen along with an address of where the bike comes from and goes to (if known).  Always ask for an incident number so you know it has been recorded.  Alternatively use the website shown below to complete an anonymous report that will go directly to the Community Safety Team and actioned accordingly.

Help us to reduce the distress caused by these nuisance motorbikes.

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