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Police issue telephone #fraud warning

Warwickshire Police

Police are urging residents to be vigilant following three attempted frauds across the Stratford district. A 73-year-old woman in Lower Quinton received a call on Tuesday from a man claiming to be a police officer from London. He told her someone had tried to use her bank card at an Apple store and advised her to call 999, which she did. She spoke to a woman claiming to be a Warwickshire Police officer who then passed her to the original caller. The conman then asked her how much she had in her bank account, told her she needed to change banks and asked if she was going to be at home all day. The woman did not disclose any bank details and reported the matter immediately.

Minutes later, a woman in Stratford received a call from the same man claiming to be a police officer from London. The woman became suspicious and immediately called police.

A third call targeted an 86-year-old woman in Wellesbourne, who had a call from the same man claiming her account had been compromised. She quickly realised what was happening and put the phone down.

A police spokesman said: “Remember police and banks would never ask for your PIN, send a courier to collect your card or ask you to leave cash in a public place.

“Never transfer money to an account of someone you don’t know and don’t be pressured into withdrawing money, or leaving it unattended.

“Please share this message with any elderly friends and relatives.”

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