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#Netflix #Phishing & #Hacking #Scams Alert

Users of streaming site Netflix are being asked to be vigilant surrounding the latest attempts by online criminals to steal their personal information, and hack into their accounts.

Phishing Warning
An email is currently in circulation claiming to be from Netflix, stating that they were unable to validate the most recent payment due. It asks recipients to click on a link contained within the email to verify their account. They are warned that if they do not validate their information via this links, users will risk their account being suspended.

This email is not from Netflix, instead it is from scammers who are trying to steal your personal information to sell on to other criminals. This information could be your log in details (which may be the same for others sites, such as for your email or bank accounts), or your banking information, which Netflix stores to withdraw the subscription fee each month.

Anybody who has received this email, or anything similar related to the site, is asked to report it directly to Netflix’s help page.

Hacking Warning
Netflix users are also asked to be aware of anyone who may be using their account without permission. This can be easily detected by user’s checking their list of recently watched films and programmes. If there are shows listed which you, or someone with genuine access to your account, has not seen, then this could be a warning that somebody has hacked into your account.

In these cases, it is again important to contact Netflix directly, who can help resolve the issue. It is also essential to change your password for the site, and any others which you have the same password for.

General Online Safety Tips & Advice
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