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#CyberSecurity Experts Reveal 4 Top Tips For #OnlineSafety

The BBC have released a video in which Cyber Security experts share what they think the biggest risks are for internet users, and their top tip to stay safe from the risk.

The video can be seen on the BBC website.

In the video, the risk of phishing emails was a prominent focus of warning the experts. This falls in line with Warwickshire’s Cyber Crime Survey, which found that 56% of the county residents had been targeted by this type of online crime.

For these crimes, the advice of the experts was to set up two different email accounts – one for highly important information, such as online banking details, and another for more general online activities, such as any newsletters or social media accounts you may be signed up to.

Further advice for users concerned about emails was to hover over any link within a message it is asking you to click on, and check the address it shows matches what the email is asking you about, rather than a random collection of numbers, or an unknown source.


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Be Cyber Streetwise is a cross-government campaign, funded by the National Cyber Security Programme. They aim to measurably and significantly improve the online safety behaviour and confidence of consumers and small businesses (SMEs).

Get Safe Online is the UK’s leading source of factual and easy-to-understand information on online safety. Their website offers advice on how you can protect yourself, your computers and devices, and your business against the likes of fraud, identity theft, viruses and other potential online problems.


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