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#Netflix #Password Reset Alert Issued

Many Netflix users are being emailed to inform them that their password for the site has been reset. While some users have been sceptical about the validity of these messages, Netflix have confirmed that this is genuine, and comes off the back of the recent Tumblr and MySpace data leaks.

It is because of these leaks that companies, such as Netflix, are resetting users passwords – especially if their current password matches those used on sites whose user details have been released.

“Some Netflix members have received emails encouraging them to change their account passwords as a precautionary measure due to the recent disclosure of additional credentials from an older breach at another internet company. Note that we are always engaged in these types of proactive security measures (leveraging Scumblr in addition to other mechanisms and data sources), not just in the case of major security breaches such as this one.”

A Netflix Spokesperson Confirming The Emails Are Genuine

Of course there are plenty of scams that would probably word their emails the same way, so do double and triple-check the URL to ensure that it is Netflix’s website that you’re logging into. Alternatively you could always manually enter the website yourself and change the password from there.

With regard to all your online accounts,  it is best to change your passwords on a regular basis, particularly for those which contain highly important or sensitive information. Tips on what makes a strong password can be found here.

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