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#Smartphone Apps Scam Threat

Smartphone users have been warned to be wary of a new cyber threat that can infect their device without them even noticing. The new campaign targets popular apps including WhatsApp and Google Play, tricking users into downloading malicious software.

Once downloaded, the virus waits for unsuspecting users to open the official version of the original app, before overlaying its fake interface over the top. Users then enter their personal data including addresses, passwords and bank account details into the fake apps, meaning they can be gathered up and sold on by the hackers.


How It Gets Onto Your Phone

According to a top security firm, the malware is spread via a basic text message phishing scheme. A text message that states “We could not deliver your order. Please check your shipping information here.”

Once that ‘here’ link is clicked, the malware is downloaded.

How To Best Protect Yourself From This

  • Make sure you do not to click on any text messages that aren’t from a credible source – just delete the messages if you aren’t expecting them
  • You can also download and regularly update anti-virus software for your phones

This latest scam comes just 3 months after a scam tried to con iPhone owners into handing over user names and passwords.

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