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WREP’s Hate Crime

Just under a week to have your say on #hatecrime in Warwickshire

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Warwickshire Race Equality Partnership (WREP) is working with Warwickshire County Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office to establish the level of support for victims and witnesses of hate crime and hate incidents in Warwickshire.

WREP has produced 2 questionnaires in order to gain this information:

a) Hate Crime Questionnaire – General Public

This questionnaire is for the general public and its purpose is to acquire information on what support services are accessed and utilised and if there is a need for additional support services in Warwickshire.  Hate Crime and Hate Incidents are heavily under-reported and WREP would like to better understand what factors prevent people from reporting and what agencies can do to help victims report.

This questionnaire can be found at:

b) Hate Crime Questionnaire – Police and Public Agencies

The purpose of this questionnaire is to research what support services are accessed and utilised and if there…

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