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#ThinkUKnow Launches ‘The World Changes. Children Don’t.’ Campaign

Today, (10th August 2016), CEOP are highlighting online dangers for young people and supporting parents and carers to have important conversations with the children they look after.  Join the drive to emphasise how important it is to talk to young people about appropriate online conversations and relationships to help guard them from online dangers.

Helping young people navigate growing up has always been challenging. But now young people are exploring their relationships both online and off. This can leave them open to risks such as having nude images shared without their consent, being exposed to pornography and bullying, or being contacted by a child sex offender. offers a wealth of tips and resources to support parents and carers to have these vital conversations.

You can download a letter to send to your child’s school to ask them to help protect children online by using free Thinkuknow resources with their students, as well as sharing them with parents and carers.

CEOP are running a new online safety education and awareness campaign aimed at parents and carers in the form of a short animation, ‘The World Changes. Children Don’t’. For more information visit or visit the CEOP YouTube, Facebook (@ClickCEOP) and Twitter (@CEOPUK) social media channels.

Thank you for supporting such an important drive to get this message out to as many parents and carers as possible.

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