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#ExtremeDialogue Release #Prevent Educational Resources

The Extreme Dialogue Project have released new, open-access materials for use in secondary schools to support education around Prevent.

The educational resources (which can be viewed here) encourage an improved understanding of the causes and consequences of violent extremism and radicalisation, in order to build young people’s resilience to extremism and develop their critical thinking skills – both online and offline.

Extreme Dialogue launched in Canada in 2015 and features the personal stories of Canadians profoundly affected by violent extremism. Co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union, Extreme Dialogue has brought together project partners the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, film-makers Duckrabbit, and the educational charity Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace. Extreme Dialogue’s expansion into the UK is supported by project partners West London Initiative.

The two UK films and resources feature Adam Deen and Billy McCurrie. Adam Deen was formerly a senior member of the now-banned Islamist extremist organisation, al-Muhajiroun. Billy McCurrie was 12 years old when his father was killed by the IRA. Consumed with anger, Billy joined the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) at 16, and a year later was ordered to kill.

The resources are also intended to support teachers (and others working with young people) in confidently, constructively and safely discussing these controversial issues in a safe and open classroom environment and other educational settings.

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