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#vitalinfo – a new e-guide to keeping safe in pubs and clubs

The London Drug and Alcohol Policy Forum have produced a new online (and offline) guide for people who may put themselves at risk in pubs and clubs.

The guide deals with the taking of drugs, alcohol (although alcohol doesn’t get much of a mention!), medicines or herbal substances,  tells of their effects, the risks you might take, and how to deal with problems.

Everyone should know what the law says, what medics say, how to stay safe and, if necessary, how to come down safely.

No myths. No hype. Just facts. Keep it handy – the First Aid information alone may just save someone’s life.

The new online guide has been set up so it works offline too. This means that once accessed for the first time via an internet connection, it will be downloaded onto your device and you can bookmark it to your home screen for easy access – just like a regular app. Subsequently you will be able to access it whether or not you are connected to the internet and will also receive alerts about any updates.

For further information on keeping safe when drinking alcohol go here 

A range of free and confidential treatment and recovery services are available across Warwickshire:



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