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On The 1st Day of Christmas Safe In Warwickshire brought you advice on Smart Phones and Tablets.

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New smart phone or tablet for Christmas? Read our top tips on how to keep safe.

Keeping them safe

  • Never leave your smartphone or tablet unattended in a public place or office.
  • Do not leave your device unsecured in a hotel room when you go out – instead lock it in the safe.
  • Do not get distracted by strangers in a public place when your phone is on a table or in an open handbag or briefcase.
  • Do not leave smartphones and tablets on view through windows and glass doors.
  • Never leave smartphones or tablets visible in a car. Even if you are in the car, your laptop could be vulnerable to theft when you are stationary (for example, whilst parking or at traffic lights).
  • Always password-protect access to your smart phone or tablet
  • Fingerprint recognition offers a degree of safety, but there is still no substitute for a well-devised and protected password or PIN.
  • Be careful how you dispose of packaging that might advertise that you have a new smartphone

Protecting your Mobile Device

Apple devices are becoming a more popular target for fraudsters, meaning that you should install internet security whatever your device.   For personal and home office use there are a number of choices that you can take to decide which internet security app to download. Whichever you choose, make sure it is a reputable brand from a mainstream supplier, and get the best you can afford. Here are a few of the best-known suppliers, but please note we are not recommending one over the others:


It is important to download updates for security apps as soon as you are prompted to guard against new malware.

Safe Public Wifi

  • Unless you are using a secure web page, do not send or receive private information when using public Wifi.
  • Wherever possible, use well-known, commercial hotspot providers such as BT OpenZone or T-Mobile.
  • Business people wishing to access their corporate network should use a secure, encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Don’t Forget

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