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#Netflix Users Targeted By Credit Card #PhishingScam

A new phishing scheme that tries to steal their credit card details and other personal information is being targeted at Netflix users.

The attack begins when a Netflix subscriber receives a notification asking them to update their membership. The notification includes a link that takes them to a fake Netflix login page.

Upon “signing in,” a new page pops up and asks the member to validate several pieces of personal information including their name, date of birth, and place of residence.


The scam then asks the user to enter in their Social Security Number and payment card details.


Once the user has submitted all of their credentials, the page will direct them back to the real Netflix homepage.



Netflix, which instituted a password reset in June 2016 following several of the year’s mega-breaches, recommends users learn how to protect themselves by visiting, where they will be reminded that Netflix never asks for personal information via email.

Users should also make sure they brush up on their anti-phishing techniques by remembering to not click on suspicious links or email attachments.

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