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Twitter Tackles Online Abuse & Harassment

Twitter has announced that it is expanding efforts to protect its users from abuse and harassment, including stopping banned users from creating new accounts and a new “safe search” feature.

Twitter has been under fire for failing to address hate and abuse on the site since its founding a decade ago. Its reputation as a free speech haven has come into conflict with efforts to protect users.

The crackdown is not limited to far-right extremists. In August, Twitter said it had suspended about 360,000 accounts over the previous year for violating its policies banning the promotion of terrorism and violent extremism. But the company said the changes announced on Tuesday were “unrelated to that and focused on abuse and harassment”.

Twitter also said it was creating a “safe search” feature that removed tweets with potentially sensitive content and tweets from blocked and muted accounts from search results. The tweets will still exist on Twitter if people look for them, but they will not appear in general search results.

Twitter is also making some replies less visible so only the most relevant conversations surface.

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ThinkUKnow is a national website which offers tailored advice to young people about online safety concerns. There is also a section on there if you are a parent/carer or a teacher who is concerned about a young person’s safety online.

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