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Banking Scam Text Message

A warning has been issued to banking customers in the face of a new text message scam. The scam sees fraudsters sending a text saying they are from your bank and they need you to update personal details or speak with you urgently. The text can fall into previous genuine text threads, and will normally ask customers to phone a number or click on a counterfeit website that will then ask them to transfer money.   Debby Thompson from Surrey narrowly avoided becoming a victim of smishing last week after she received a text message saying her Santander account had been blocked, as GetSurrey reports. The text, which appeared in a message thread in which she had previously received genuine Santander messages, directed her to click on a link to reactivate her account. Thankfully, Debby wasn't convinced by the website that she was directed to, despite looking very similar to the bank's website, and called the bank to report the message. Concerned Santander had a security breach, she called customer services but was told they had received a number of calls about the issue, and assured her it was "not a problem". A spokesman for Santander said: "Debby received a text message from a third party purporting to be Santander, a scam known as smishing. "The customer did the correct thing in contacting Santander before taking any further action." They advised her the bank has "measures in place" to detect this scam, and asked customers who receive these messages to forward them to the bank by entering into the number field.

"We will never contact customers by phone, email or SMS to ask them to disclose their One Time Passcode, transfer funds or tell us their passwords or personal details. We advise customers who have been victims of a scam to contact the police and Action Fraud. Being a victim of such sophisticated scams is very distressing and we will cooperate fully with any police investigation in the hope that the criminals are apprehended.”

A representative of Santander

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