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LastPass Users Warned to Be Cautious While It Fixs Fault

Password manager LastPass is advising users to avoid using its browser plugins while it battles to fix a “major architectural problem”, which could allow an attacker to steal passwords or execute code.

The vulnerability was discovered by Tavis Ormandy, a security researcher at Google, who tweeted about its existence over the weekend. Keeping with responsible disclosure norms, Ormandy did not publicly state how the bug is exploited, and informed LastPass of its existence.

In a warning to users, the password manager firm wrote: “We are now actively addressing the vulnerability. This attack is unique and highly sophisticated. We don’t want to disclose anything specific about the vulnerability or our fix that could reveal anything to less sophisticated but nefarious parties. So you can expect a more detailed post-mortem once this work is complete.”

It detailed three steps users could take to keep themselves safe: launch sites directly from the LastPass Vault; use two-factor authentication; and beware of phishing attacks.

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