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AllRecipes Account Details Compromised – Passwords & Emails Stolen

Allrecipes, the self-described “food-focused social network”, has sent an email out to some of its users warning that their email addresses and passwords may have been intercepted by an unknown third-party.

In the email, the site warns that users who registered an account or logged on as a registered member of the site prior to June 2013, may have had their email address and password stolen.

Part of the email reads as follows:

Allrecipes email

We recently determined that the email address and password typed into by members when they created or logged into their accounts prior to June 2013 may have been intercepted by an unauthorized third party. Based on information available to us, we cannot determine with certainty who did this or how this occurred. Our best analysis is that email addresses and passwords were intercepted during account registration or login by our members.

The website recommends that users change their passwords for the site, and any others which may share the same (or even highly similar) password, as a matter of high priority.

Out of an abundance of caution, we recommend that all members who registered or logged into prior to June 2013 promptly change their password. We are taking other steps as well and will continue to work diligently to deter unauthorized activity.

You should promptly change your password on and on any other sites for which you use the same username and password.

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