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Reporting Online Hate #hatecrime

hate online 2Online hate crime is an issue of increasing concern to many.  Social media can provide hate crime perpetrators with a veil of anonymity and the potential to reach and impact a larger number of people.    If you see or experience
abuse online tell someone.

Here is our step-by-step guide about how to report and challenge any abuse or prejudice that you see whilst online:-

  • Screenshot any evidence of the abuse
  • Report it to the site itself
    Most websites have rules known as ‘acceptable use policies’ that set out what cannot be put on their website. Most do not allow comments, videos and photos that offend or hurt people. Look out for the website’s ‘contact us’ page, which should be clearly linked. Others will have a ‘report this page’, or ‘report this post’ button that you can click.
  • Report it to the host website
    If a website itself is hateful or supports violence, then let the website’s hosting company know. You can find out which company hosts a website by entering their web address on the ‘Who is hosting this?’website.  You can also contact your own internet service provider to get more information.
  • Report illegal internet material to the Police
    If the website or material you have seen online matches the description of illegal content and you think it originates in the UK (e.g. you know who the user is; or the website has a address) you should report it to the police. You can do this via the True Vision website.  True Vision also contains information and support for those affected by hate crime, whether it is happening off or online.
  • There are information booklets available which provide advice on how to report to the four main social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat).  The booklets are available to purchase, or download for free from SWGfL.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of hate crime, Victim Support can offer help.  They can listen in confidence and offer information, practical help and emotional support.

For more information on how to keep safe online go to our cyber crime page.

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